Getting into better shape is hard work.

Fitiva helps make it easier.

We realize that getting into better shape is no easy task. For some people exercise is a chore they find intimidating while other people need help getting started or need a new exercise routine to replace one that is no longer delivering results. Others lead an active lifestyle but still want help in getting to the next level.

At Fitiva, Huntsville's premier provider of in-home personal training services for women over 30, our objective is to help you achieve your health and fitness goals through a personal training program customized specifically for you.

To help you achieve your health and fitness goals Fitiva uses all the latest research and proven approaches to develop safe and effective individualized programs that deliver results including:

- decreased body fat;
- improved aerobic endurance;
- increased strength, speed and muscle tone; and,
- enhanced flexibility.

Fitiva's trainer has the life experience and understanding of how a mature body feels during exercise. We never have you do anything that does not feel "right". The routines we design for you work to improve your quality of life and achieve your goals in a safe, effective manner.

Because we understand that life can get in the way of the best exercise intentions, we view motivation as a joint responsibility. Working together we will identify your specific needs and define attainable goals within a realistic schedule. Then, with input from you, we will design your training program that will meet you at your current fitness level. Finally, we will provide the tools, instruction and opportunity to take you to your desired fitness level.

Fitiva training sessions can be held at the convenience of your home, office or even your local park. For home-based programs we can use your home gym or we can bring the necessary equipment.

Fitiva personal training programs include body composition monitoring, fitness testing and progress reports so you will have regular feedback on your fitness improvements.

If you want a healthier lifestyle, want someone to help you find enjoyment in your exercise program, are ready to get strong enough to do your first chin-up, or want to improve your performance in your favorite sport, contact us at 256-881-8233 learn more about fitness program options designed specifically for you.

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What our clients have to say.

I ’m sitting here in this black dress that has NEVER fit me – it still has the tags on it and I’ve had it for years.  It’s always been too tight even when I was at my thinnest…and it TOTALLY fits!!!

I’ve exercised and dieted my whole life (or at least it seems that way) – but I’ve never had such success like I’ve had since working out with you.  And the really great part is that I’ve never enjoyed exercising and eating well so much in my life!  I literally look forward to working out and eating right – which has never truly been the case before.  I really think that my whole perspective has changed.  I just had to share that with you and say thanks for all your hard work with me." 
-Laura, Potomac Falls, VA.     

More client voices

A few of our client's success stories.

- Letitia passed her Army Physical Fitness Test completing 50 pushups, 57 situps and a 2-mile run;

- Rose reduced her need for high blood pressure medication.

-Marco lost 60 lbs. and feels 20 years younger.

-Jeri lost more than 12".

-Marianne is fit and strong. She ready to tackle a hiking trip to the Napoli coast.

- Tammy lost 25lbs of fat and at age 40 she is in the best shape of her life.

- Mary looks forward to her regular sessions and feels better than ever.

- Debbie no longer finds household chores a burden thanks to her regular workout regime.

- 60-year old Connie is now able to do more pushups than at any other time in her life.