Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Fitiva seems to be all about women. Will you also train men looking to lose weight and feel better?

A. Absolutely! We have trained a number of men looking to lose fat and improve their general fitness. They had fantastic results.

Q. I use the elliptical machine's fat burning program for 40 minutes three times a week. I work up a bit of a sweat but I am not losing weight even though my heart rate is in my fat burning target range. How long do I need to do cardio to lose more weight?

A. Your body has probably adapted to your workout, which means that it needs more challenge if you are to continue losing weight. Rather than increasing your time on the elliptical, we would recommend changing to your cardio exercise to intervals rather than simply doing more long and slow. This will challenge your body and burn more calories in significantly less time. In fact, with interval training you could complete your cardio workout in as little as 12 minutes. And, you should see better results.

Q. My BMI is 28 and I have been walking two miles three days a week for three months. So far I have lost 12 pounds. I need to lose another 30 pounds for my BMI to be considered normal weight. How can you help me?

A. Fitiva does not believe that BMI is the best measure for determing your healthy weight because it fails to take body type and body fat percentage into account. In fact, many highly muscled and extremely fit athletes are considered overweight when using BMI standards. Because of this, we do not use BMI as a method to determining if you are in your desired weight range. Instead we use body circumference measurements and a body fat calculator to help determine what is a healthy weight target for you. Then, we work together to determine the best exercise plan for you to increase muscle mass and lose excess body fat.

Q. I know I need to exercise, but with work, house and kids I just cannot find the time. How can Fitiva help me?

A. Life's competing priorities make it difficult for people to make some time to take care of their health and fitness needs. At Fitiva we work with you to find a few hours a week to schedule time especially for you. Sometimes this is before work. Other times it is after the kids go to bed. We also make scheduling time for exercise easier for you because we bring the gym to your home or office. Or, we can meet you at your community fitness center. With Fitiva there is no need for a 20 or 30 minute drive to the gym.

Q. Your rates are much lower than other trainers who typically charge $85+ per session. Why?

A. We are able to keep our rates low because we only work in a small geographic area of Hunstville. This means that we do not incur travel costs (time, gas, etc) to pass on to our clients.

Q. I've tried every diet available and none of them work. Can you help me with my diet?

A. At Fitiva we believe that exercise is critical for body weight regulation and that weight training plus cardiorespiratory exercise plus a small caloric reduction is the formula for successful weight loss. We often recommend keeping a food journal. After which we suggest some minor improvements based on proven healthy eating programs. Some of our favorites are Isabel De Los Rios' The Diet Solution, and Mark Sisson's Primal Blueprint. In addition, we will help you design an exercise routine to help you build muscle and burn fat so you can reach and maintain your ideal body composition.

Q. I am a 40 year old woman who wants to do some weight training for its benefits, including reduced risk of osteoporosis, increased strength of muscles, tendons and ligaments, and improved metabolism. How can I be sure that I won't get bulky if I add weight lifting to my exercise routine?

A. Women building muscles that are too big is a fitness myth. In fact, for most women it is a genetic impossibility because they simply do not have enough of the hormone testosterone to build too big muscles. It is also a myth that you should wait until you lose weight before adding resistance training to your workout routine because resistance training, when done at the proper intensity, burns more calories than if you did cardio alone. Be sure to contact a fitness professional for advice before embarking on a resistance training routine because a safe, effective weight training program requires you to use proper form.