Every Fitiva personal training program is customized to the specific needs and preferences of each client. We use a variety of training types to develop comprehensive programs designed to help meet the individual goals of our clients including:

- Interval Training
- Circuit Training
- Continuous Training
- Flexibility Training
- Core Training
- Aerobic Cross Training
- Strength Training (using weights, resistance bands, kettlebells, medicine balls and your own body weight).
- Speed, agility and power for more sports enhancement.

Following are a few examples of the types of customizable goal-based programs that are available.

Health Improvement: Our health improvement programs are for women who want to begin an exercise routine to improve their general health, reduce body fat, build muscle, improve flexibility and help improve bone density, but are unsure where, or how, to start. This is an ideal program for someone who has little exercise experience but recognizes that improving their fitness will produce many health and lifestyle benefits.

Health improvement programs help reduce the potential for long-term health problems. Most doctors agree that hiring a trainer is one of the best things women facing possible health issues can do for themselves.

These programs are best for those that are looking for health gains and ususally include walking or low intensity cycling along with stretching exercises to enhance flexibility and low to medium intensity resistance exercises to improve strength. With our health improvement programs you will begin to develop functional strength that can be put to use in every day life.

Fat Loss: Fitiva's fat loss programs are for women who want to look and feel better. Our flagship and most popular, fat loss programs are ideal for women who want to build muscle, lose fat, improve flexibility and be strong enough so everyday chores become easier to manage.

Our fat loss programs are results-driven and will have you enjoying a good sweat during each session. Fat loss workouts use intensity and compound/multi-joint resistance exercises to build muscle, burn fat and increase endurance at the same time. Aerobic training follows resistance exercises in the form of cardio intervals. Intervals are far superior to long, slow cardio for fat loss and provide that “afterburn” which reportedly allows you to continue burning calories long after you have finished exercising.  Fitivity's compound/multi-joint exercises also help improve coordination, balance and core strength. This will translate into you looking and feeling better, as well as improving functional strength so every day life is more enjoyable.

The specific exercises used in a Fitiva program are based on each client’s fitness level from beginner to more advanced and are appropriate for women at most fitness levels.

If your long, moderate-paced cardio workout is not delivering the results you want, or if you are motivated to see results quickly, Fitiva's fat loss programs may be the workout program for you.

Click here to view a sample Fat burning workout.

Sports Improvement
: Because being fit means you will perform better with less risk of injury Fitiva's adage is "get fit to play sports. Don't play sports to get fit'".

Fitiva's sports improvement programs is for women who want to improve performance in their favorite sports through increased strength, speed, power, flexibility, core stability and conditioning. The goals of this program is for women who are active but are looking to achieve a lean, athletic look - women who want to create a body that has stronger movements and is more resistant to injury to improve performance in their favorite sport.  

If you want increased fitness to improve your 5/10k race time, improve your tennis serve with better shoulder mobility and core strength, or cross train in support of your masters swimming program, our sports improvement programs may be right for you.

Programs are developed for each client according to their goals, preferences and fitness levels.  


Backyard Boot Camps: Boot camps are a great way to get in fantastic shape. They are also fun and challenging. Best of all you get to exercise with a small group of friends, which helps keep you motivated.

Backyard boot camps are unique in that each workout is different, so you never get bored. Sessions are interval based and consist of cardio, strength, endurance, flexibility, agility, coordination and mental focus, often in the same workout. This workout style is popular because it is effective, and fun - with team races, partner exercises, plyometrics, agility and obstacle courses. Kind of like recess used to be.

Backyard boot camps are available for adults and teens. They perfect for small groups of mom's that want to exercise during the schoolday. They are also a great after-school activity for children that might benefit from some extra exercise and fresh air in an organized activity or for a group of teens who want to stay, or get, fit during the offseason.

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