About Fitiva.


Fitiva is a personal training firm that operates in the south Huntsville, AL area. We specialize in creating effective fat burning programs for adults who want to lose fat and get into better shape. Previously we were located in the Northern Virginia area where we had personal training and boot camp operations from 2008-2011.

Michele Kalin, a lifetime fitness enthusiast, is the owner of Fitiva. She is a certified personal trainer from the American Council on Exercise (ACE) and is a former IDEA Health and Fitness Association group fitness instructor. In addition, Michele created and managed the Cascades, VA Tennis Group's social tennis and team tennis activities in the Cascades community where membership was over 150 registered members of various ages and playing levels.

After spending more than a decade sitting hunched over in front of a computer in the corporate world (Michele holds an M.S. in International Business from Johns Hopkins University), she decided it was time to earn her living doing something she was passionate about - helping others achieve their health and fitness goals. So she left the world of uncomfortable shoes for the world of running shoes.

Michele is totally dedicated to each of her client's success. As the owner of Fitiva she provides incredible value to each of her clients. She always goes the extra mile so that everyone feels as if they are her only client.