What to Expect  


When you are ready to begin your personal training program with Fitiva, we start by spending time getting to know you. We will ask you to complete a number of forms, which are designed to give us direction to develop the right program for you. After you submit the completed forms we will contact you for a 15 minute phone call during which we will discuss your desired goals, training preferences and any special needs you may have for your program due to injuries or illnesses. Then our first session will be scheduled. In some cases we may recommend that you consult your doctor before beginning an exercise program.

Most sessions are typically one hour in length. However, our first session will probably be a bit longer as we will be establishing your fitness baseline from which progress will be monitored. We believe that asssessments and regular adjustments to programs and objectives is the key to helping you achieve your health and fitness goals. The methods chosen for your baseline will be determined by your individual needs and preferences. The assessments may include body composition measurements, heart rate and blood pressure measures, cardiorespiratory fitness, flexibility and a few muscular strength and endurance measures.

After our first session, we will finalize the details of your program plan and will begin working toward attaining your health and fitness goals at our next session.

Contact us at 256-881-8233 to get started. It is a decision you will not regret!