Areas Served

We are able to keep our rates extremely competitive because we only operate in the targeted geographic area of south Huntsville.

Areas served (see our map) include Blossomwood on the north, to generally Redstone Arsenal on the west, south to Green Cove Road. Our eastern border is typically the Huntsville hills, except along Cecil Ashburn where we will serve into eastern Huntsville in the communities along Old Big Cove Road and Taylor Road. Included in the service area is Blossomwood, Jones Valley, Grissom, The Ledges, most communities in south Hunstville valley, and Hampton Station, Hampton Valley, Hidden Cove, Hampton Ridge and Saddleridge to the east of Huntsville proper.

With Fitiva, you save on your personal training program because we do not pass along the cost of driving to clients throughout the greater Huntville area.

Other areas may be served at a slightly higher rate to offset additional costs.