Stay Fit During the Holiday Season


Are you one of the many people who share in the holiday tradition of gaining weight? This year break with that tradition. Make it your goal to maintain your weight through the holidays.

Most of this goal will be accomplished with a knife and fork, and avoiding excessive holiday cheer.

One easy way to keep your diet on track is to ask yourself if the food you are about to eat will help you reach your weight maintenance goal. If your answer is “no”, then don’t eat it.

Accomplishing the rest of this goal requires regular exercise to keep your metabolism running strong. Exercise also helps manage stress which helps control the temptation to eat too much of the wrong foods.

Despite the additional demands on your time, you can maintain an effective exercise regime during the holidays. You just need to think quality over quantity.

A 30-minute, at-home bodyweight circuit workout can fit into your busy holiday schedule. They are effective if you work hard.

You can create your own circuit. Or, you can do this sample circuit-based workout. It consists of five exercises: squats, (kneeling) pushups, walking lunges, side plank, and high-knee in-place running.

An online search will generate websites with instructions for exercises you don’t know how to do properly.

First loosen-up your tight muscles. Then do each exercise for 20-30 seconds as a warm-up.

Then do each exercise for one minute. Move on to the next exercise with no rest. After doing all five exercises for one minute each (do the side plank for 30 seconds/side), you rest for one minute. Repeat this sequence four more times for a total of five circuits.

When doing the exercises it does not matter how many repetitions you do. You just have to keep doing them for a full minute.

Do a short, high-intensity workout several times a week during the holiday season. The intense exercise will literally clear your head. The endorphins do their thing and suddenly those stressors caused by holiday demands seem to tone down a bit. It will also help keep your metabolism running strong, your energy level higher and your weight in check.

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