Interval Workouts Can Make Your Fitness Goals a Reality

Are you one of the millions who have resolved to lose your unwanted body fat in 2011?

If so, now it is time to decide how to achieve this goal.

First, ask yourself what type of body style you want.

Do you want a long, skinny, muscle-free look? Or, do you want a lean, tight look with some degree of muscle definition?

Most people prefer the lean, tight look because it looks strong and healthy.

You are probably thinking that your genes determine your body type. To a certain extent they do. But, to a larger extent, you exercise most of the control over your body’s shape. Deciding how to train is a determining factor.

Before you jump on the nearest elliptical, think about the results you are likely to see.

Research shows that steady state cardio exercise is not very effective for fat loss. With this type of exercise your future physique will not look much different than it does today. And, in the long-term, steady state cardio breaks down muscle rather than building it. Picture the look of the last two winners of the Chicago Marathon, Evans Cheruiyot and Patrick Ivuti. Both men are amazing athletes, but their physiques are more likely to be categorized as skinny rather than strong.

Now picture the physique of Beijing Olympic-gold sprinters, like Veronica Campbell-Brown or Usain Bolt. Both look long and lean. They also look very strong and healthy. This is the physique that most fitness enthusiasts are really after.

To get a body like a sprinter, you need to train like one.

Workouts consisting of intervals (exercise in short, intense bursts) are proven to produce strong healthy bodies. Intervals burn large amounts of calories both during and after exercise. Steady state cardio does not. Also, each calorie burned during intervals uses approximately nine times more fat than the same calorie in steady-state cardio.

There are also many health benefits associated with interval workouts. Maximal cardiac output and cholesterol levels are improved. Additionally, the levels of growth hormones are increased, which provides an anti-aging benefit.

By training with strength and cardio interval workouts, you can make this the year you develop a lean, strong healthy body.