What our Clients Say

I consider Michele Kalin to be the best in the business when it comes to a personal trainer and fitness class instructor. I met Michele in the 2009 when she organized and operated a boot camp class four days a week in my neighborhood. Michele’s dedication and love of this profession was evident during each class. I was extremely impressed with how much hard work she put into researching and planning different workouts to challenge us. She always arrived early to set up equipment and was well-prepared for class. Each class was different, creative, challenging, fun and tailored to each of our fitness levels. She brought high energy and encouragement to the class and focused on form to prevent injuries and help us improve our performance.

In addition to our regularly scheduled classes, Michele also organized exercise challenges for us in the evening that we could do at home and monitored our results via email. She conducted periodic fitness tests throughout the year to chart our progress and identify weaknesses that we could work on.

During the time I attended Michele’s boot camp class, I lost 30 lbs, several inches, and went from a size 8 to a size 2. I have greatly improved my strength, endurance, and agility. I’m 40 years old and in the best shape of my life!

It was a pleasure working with Michele. I looked forward to waking up at 5:30am to go to her class. I have yet to find a class or instructor of this caliber.

Sterling, VA

Following the closure of my local gym, I decided to join Michele’s Boot Camp class and very quickly became a regular attendee 3 to 4 times a week. Michele is a complete professional, always punctual for class and incredibly reliable. Her knowledge of physical training and health and fitness is outstanding and she made it her mission to educate the class on the correct and safe form for every single exercise and activity, whilst always providing alternatives for varying fitness levels.

Thanks to Michele, I have lost weight, body fat and become so much more toned. Not only did I drop a dress size, but I feel in great shape and have an incredible amount of energy and stamina as a result of the type of workouts she teaches.

I am incredibly disappointed to lose her as an instructor but my loss will be someone else’s gain. It is now so easy to quickly distinguish the good trainers from the bad ones and Michele was the best trainer and instructor I have ever come across.

I recommend Michele without hesitation.

Sterling, VA

I strongly recommend Michele Kalin as a personal trainer or your boot camp instructor.

During my 2 years of taking Boot Camp classes from Michele Kalin, I attained a level of fitness I haven't had for over 10 years.  Previous to the Boot Camp, I had been working out in a tradition gym and jogging a few miles a week.  Within 2 weeks of starting Boot Camp, I lost over 10lbs of body fat, 4 inches from my waist, and felt like I did when I was 18 years old (I'm now 35).  Each workout was fun, intense, and different from the last. 

A few of the great aspects of this boot camp was that Michele offered different levels of difficulty for people with varying fitness levels, attention to form during exercises, and knowledge of people's injuries and their safety during classes. 

I would 100% recommend Michele as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor.  Her professionalism, scientific knowledge of exercising, and ability to make exercising fun and rewarding is second to none.

Potomac Falls, VA

Dear Michele,

First and foremost I want to say thank you!! It has been a wonderful full of fun three years of sweating and shedding pounds! When I first came to your workouts I weighed 272 lbs and could barely do 5 push-ups. Today, thanks to your program, I am able to do almost 90 push-ups in less than 3 minutes! I guess that all has to do with the 57 pounds that I have lost working with you! Yes like in a infomercial, I was wearing pants size 46 when I met you. Today I am wearing size 36 and not only have I lost significant amount of weight but I have gained stamina and muscle that I never had in my 30 or 40s. At 51.5 years old I feel better than when I was 35!

We are all very sorry to see you leave, please believe me when I say we might find another place to continue working out, but it will never be the same without seeing your foggy glasses on the humid early mornings encouraging me to reach for my best!

Ashburn, VA

I would gladly recommend Michele Kalin to anyone seeking a physical trainer. Among her strongest attributes are her professionalism, workable manner, and excellent skill in the craft of training.
When I received a few sessions with a personal trainer as a birthday gift, I was a little nervous because I was quite overweight and did not have a history of regular exercise or knowledge of how personal training really works. Likewise, I could not run any meaningful distance or do a single pushup or squat. Michele dissolved all of my concerns immediately with her polite manner and explanations that were in-depth and yet easy to understand. From the very start, she made it clear that the workouts would be tailored to my needs, both physically and mentally. I knew what we were doing, why we were doing it, and what the goals of each exercise would be. In terms of the actual exercises, quality over quantity was always her mantra. She was there to correct my form if it needed tweaking and to stop the activity if my form was lacking. Throughout the course of the training, I never felt as though I was being pushed uncomfortably beyond my limitations or asked to do anything I was not capable of doing. The workouts were highly structured and well thought out-- never designed to just “wear me out.” One of my initial concerns was that personal trainers would be aloof or difficult to relate to. Michele was anything but: she is easy to talk to and kind on a personal level.
And the help was not limited to our weekly hour-long sessions. She provided me with clearly detailed at-home work outs and other assigned physical activities. Under her guidance, I modified my diet and closely monitored what I ate and how much. Every instruction also came with a thorough explanation. From a personal standpoint, her sessions took place at my house, which I enjoyed for a variety of reasons: first and foremost, the often-difficult act of getting into the car to drive to the gym was entirely eliminated; at the time of our appointment, a knock would come at the door; second, the training sessions took place in the same location, using much the same equipment, as my solo work outs, so everything was familiar and consistent; thirdly, there were no expensive machines required-- many of Michele’s exercises used body weight only and can be done anywhere.
I suppose the best compliment is results: I lost nearly 30 pounds over a six-month period in a healthy, comfortable manner, and my physical strength, stamina, and overall health have never been better! Beyond sheer numbers, I find it amazing that after only sixth months I am so much more invested in my health. If you told me five years ago that I would have regular conversations about exercise and healthy eating (as well as regularly practicing both), I would have been incredulous. Although we are unfortunately unable to continue our sessions due to her relocation, Michele has given me the expertise and training to continue down this lifelong path of health and fitness with gusto.

Vienna, VA

Michele Kalin has been my personal trainer for a little over one year. I am a 60-year-old woman who has worked with several different trainers in the past, but none of them except Michele has actually made me understand exactly where the muscles are that I’m supposed to be working! Therefore I was not getting nearly as much benefit out of the workouts as I have been with Michele. As an example, I have never done a push up in my life, including grade school or high school, but under Michele’s patient explanations of proper position, what muscles to work, and progressive planning, I can now do eight consecutive push-ups.

Michele customizes each client’s workout based on your ability, strength, experience, medical conditions, and so on. When my left knee kept bothering me she insisted I see an orthopedic doctor until we found out what was wrong. Diagnosis: arthritis. She incorporated the exercises the physical therapist gave me into her workouts, plus monitoring all my exercises carefully so that the muscles around my knees would be strengthened. Michele watches form very carefully so that you get the most out of your exercises.

Every four weeks or so Michele will change the routine. This way you never get bored and your muscles don’t get a chance to get too used to the old routine. In nice weather we enjoy the fresh air and go outdoors for interval walking. Intervals are tough, but effective and not so punishing when in an outdoor environment. The best part of all, Michele comes to her clients’ houses. This makes it so convenient—there is no excuse for not working out.

Michele is such a fine trainer that I forgot to tell you what a fine person she is.  She is one of those rare people who is completely honest and fair and reliable.  She always shows up exactly on time, gives a full 60 minutes for her hour lesson.  Her rates are better than any of the other trainers around the area and she provides a much better service.  Michele always finds something encouraging to say to keep you motivated while challenging you to do the exercise more perfectly.  She weighs and measures every four weeks so you can see how many inches and what percentage of body fat you have lost.  Incidentally, she gives great nutritional advice and provides excellent coaching as you are changing your eating habits. I recommend Michele to any level of experience, any age group!

Sterling, VA

My wife and I worked with Michele from 2009-10. Our goals were many: to lose weight, build muscle, develop discipline, regain confidence...Michele helped us achieve all of them! She customized workouts that were geared toward our respective goals and body types. She periodically provided us detailed progress reports that charted our milestones and gave us clear analysis of where we needed improvement. During our time with Michele, my wife and I made great strides. I still incorporate much of what I learned from Michele into my current workouts, especially the variety of strength training exercises that allow me to do so much with little or no equipment! The pounds lost and muscle gained that my wife worked so hard to obtain have given her the incentive to stay fit for life! Michele was flexible and always willing to work with our busy schedules, and in addition to those detailed progress reports, she found time to come up with new ideas to  keep our workouts from becoming stale and routine. Michele's experience, creativity, and dedication to her clients are unsurpassed.

Potomac Falls, VA